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In the AFAM chain range you will easily find a chain for every purpose and every application. Whether you want to go dirt racing or set a new lap record, you can rely on our technology and know-how.

AFAM XS-ring offers a better seal for the continued lubrication of your chain. The special shape of the XS-ring guarantees prolonged lubrication resulting in longer chain life. Additionally the XS-profile increase flexibility reducing friction and producing smooth, efficient engagement of the chain with the sprockets.

  • More mileage
  • Less noise
  • Higher flexibility
  • Increased power transmission
  • Optimal tensile strength
  • Easier maintenance

AFAM has a very close relationship with the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and the liaison between manufacturing chain and sprockets at the same time guarantees you're offered a top quality product that exceeds many in terms of durability and lifetime.

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